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Children have always been, or have almost always been drawing, and sometimes in conditions rather adverse, but the record of their creations is rarely preserved, one of the possible reasons to justify that they are simply disregarded. The drawings have been and in some cases still are neglected, especially if they were made by really young children whose creations – expressions with high complexity –  are reduced by some people to mere indecipherable scribbles not worth keeping. If kept, it’s implied that those creations are, in fact, historical documents with documental strength. When conceived in this way, those plastic expressions have the potential to make us learn and look with the children to what they elaborate throughout time. 

We  invite anyone who wishes to leave one or more drawings here at “entrimagens” (lit. amongimages) for they to articulate among them and be seen. We believe that we can have an archive of children’s creations and that it would be able to awake curiosities about drawing, childhood, knowing the children and many things from their point of view and, above all, from their creations. Amazement can overwhelm us when we chase and walk through lines and colors. It’s necessary to dedicate some time to it: to draw and look at what is made and what’s been made by others regardless of their age group. Time, and more time, so necessary to stop this capitalist speed that invades every part of us and naturalizes itself, making us think that it is indispensable. 

Let’s wander through them? Here we have a space to wander and wade drawing and observing what has been posted. Leave your drawing, but not before signing the donation terms. They are works of art and should be treated as such.

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