The research project “Imagens de São Paulo: moradia e luta em regiões centrais e periféricas da cidade a partir de representações imagéticas criadas por crianças moradoras de ocupações’, anchored with the research group “Crianças, práticas urbanas, gênero e imagens’, coordinated by professor Marcia Gobbi, unfolded in many questions, curiosities, studies and other researches. “ocupacriança” (lit. childrenoccupy) is derived from this project and have as one of its main goal to learn from children, from an early age, the ways of living and fighting for habitation inside the occupations of buildings that do not serve its social function situated in the city of São Paulo. It was intended to understand how children live and represent living in these city spaces and how childhood is built amidst the fight for the right for habitation and living in the city. As methodological resources, we used photographs and drawings comprehended as agentes capable of showing and provoking reflections and changes. We included part of the photographic archive derived from the research wishing that it would contribute to the reflections about childhood, provoking dialogs and, who knows, more questions and other researches.


To walk is an act of creation. In this collection we bring photographs of walks with children who live in building occupations and visits to some spaces that change with their presence. There is also a record of drawing and painting workshops performed at Mauá, Prestes Maia and Ipiranga occupations.